Market Segment:
Tyre Cord, Carpet Yarns, FIBC Threads, Sewing Threads, Twine/Cables


Dedicated production of 2-ply balanced yarns


  • Drive System: Individual Motorized Spindle with Programmable RPM & TPM
  • Frame : Heavy Duty Frames with Conveyor Belt for easy collection of Large TakeUp Packages. Split Control for each side
  • Denier Range: 2/600 - 2/6000 denier
  • Twist Range: 120-600 TPM (ideal)
  • Spindle Type: 200mm, 230mm & 310mm
  • TakeUp Type: 290mm Parallel Tubes
  • Speeds: 9000 RPM & 200 mtrs/min (depending on Yarn & Application)


  • Individual Motorized Spindle with 5-10 Kg Feed & upto 9000 RPM processing speeds
  • Hysteresis Tensioner to maintain yarn tension for balanced cabled yarn in TakeUp
  • Cord Regulator for precise length control of each ply where required
  • Heavy Duty TakeUp Cradle to produce upto 12 Kg Knotless package for further process
  • Conveyor Belt System (optional) for high operator efficiency & fast doffing
  • Tension Sensor to ensure Auto-Stopping of spindle in case of missing-ply

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UC-series (upto 12 Kg)
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