Market Segment:
Mainly used in production of soft light weight filament fabrics for use in garments


Production of Polyester Fancy Crepe Textured Yarn where effect is given using magnetic false-twist spindle


  • Drive System: Tangential Belt Drive with PLC control for RPM, TPM, False-Twist, Temperature Control
  • Frame : Double-Deck with with Electric Heater
  • Denier Range: 30-150 denier Flat Polyester yarn
  • Twist Range: 300-3000 TPM (programmable)
  • Spindle Type: 70mm
  • TakeUp Type: 135mm Parallel Tube with Centralized BiConical Tapering
  • Speeds: 16000 RPM & 60 mtrs/min (depending on Yarn & other parameters)


  • Extremely cost-effective method to produce "Fancy Crepe Yarn"
  • Electric Heater with Quick Start ensures lower operating costs over liquid heaters
  • PLC Control for RPM, TPM & False-Twist ration allows high flexibility & quick changeovers
  • Yarn path optimised to maintain softness & builkiness of the resultant yarn
  • High Speed operation & compact frame provides maximum production per unit investment

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Crepe Texturising Twister
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