Market Segment:
Fancy fabrics producers for use in garments & upholstery where a core & effect yarn is required to bring our the design


Single / Double covering of any core yarn including spun, filament, elastomer, technical yarns for use in weaving


  • Drive System: Independent Drive for Top & Bottom covering spindle, TakeUp drive, Elastomer feed drive with PLC & HMI control
  • Frame : Heavy Duty Pre-Assembled frames with Top & Bottom covering spindle & single-takeup
  • Denier Range: Core: Any combination of 3 yarns upto 1000 denier;  Covering: Any yarn upto 300 denier would on a D/F Bobbin
  • Twist Range: 300-3000 TPM (programmable)
  • Core Ply: upto 3 ply with Yarn Sensing & Cutter
  • TakeUp Type: 170mm Parallel Tube TakeUp with Central BiConical Traverse
  • Speeds: 22000 RPM & 60 mtrs/min (depending on yarn combination & parameters


  • Unlimited creativity with multiple combination of 5 yarns at different twist variations
  • High Speed spindles for upto 22,000 RPM for high production
  • Capability for upto 3-ply core yarn with missing-ply detection gives extremely high flexibility for creative yarns
  • Lycra/Spandex/Elastomer feed drive with programmable stretch ratio & ply detection
  • Yarn Path designed specifically for maintaining Tenacity & Strength of threads
  • Large knotless package of upto 1.8 Kg & upto final 1200 denier

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Hollow Covering Twister HC-series
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