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About UT-series

Market Segment:

High Speed processing of wide range of yarns offering high versatility & quick-changeovers for flexibility


Suitable for Large Package Twisting upto 12 Kgs Knotless


Drive System: Individual Motorized Spindle with Programmable RPM & TPM on every position for high versatility & flexibility

Frame : Heavy Duty Frames with Conveyor Belt for easy collection of Large TakeUp Packages. Split Control for each side

Denier Range: Free Balloon: 600-6000 denier; Controlled Balloon: 600-18000 denier

Twist Range: 30-600 TPM (ideal)

Spindle Type: 200mm, 230mm & 310mm

Feed Type: D/F Bobbins, Assembly Wound Packages,

Speeds: 9000 RPM & 400 mtrs/min (depending on Yarn)



Individual Motorized Spindle

High Speed Takeup with Individual CAMbox per position

Extremely small lot production possible without loosing Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Direct Assembly & Twisting for upto 4-ply on the same machine

Multi-Ply Twisting with S & Z Ply/Cable Twist possible on the same machine.

Upto 400 mtrs/min takeup speeds allowing high productivity

Parallel processing of multiple types of yarns with different twists at the same time.

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