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Air Covering Winder with Intermingling Jets (Multi-Ply Filament Yarns)

About ACW- Series

Market Segment:

For ACY or IM Yarn production with Multiple combinations.
Garment fabrics producers looking to introduce Elastic in combination of wide range of yarns like DTY/FDY/BSY.
Furnishing fabrics producers looking to introduce Multi-Color-Effect yarns using multiple-ply of different colours.


Combine multiple yarns, including Elastene, with other yarns with a strong nip to ensure smooth processing in weaving.


Type of Winding: Random with Anti-Patterning & Edge-Breaking

Takeup Speed: Up to 800 mtrs/min (Mech)

Feed Yarn Control: Draft Control for Elastic Core
Infeed & Outfeed Overfeeds for Constant even Tension
Ply Sensor with Cutter

Speed Control: Each Side programmable Seperately

Takeup (Knotless): Up to 5000 gms

Feed Type: Bottom Creel for 1-ply, Standalone Creel for 3-ply

IM Jet Control: Centrally adjustable / programmable Pressure

Oiler Device: Central Motorized Programmable

Length Counting: Central Doff Timer

Models: ACW-1050, ACW-F

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