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Assembly Bobbin Winder

About Bobbin Winder ABW-10

Market Segment:

Carpet / Furnishing Yarns with Multi-Ply of Twisted yarns where Low Twists or Binding Twists need to applied for ease of use in downstream processes.


Preparation of Assembly wound package on Bobbin Winder of multi-ply Filament yarns of 3-5 Kgs for next Twisting Process. Bobbin Winding ensures that all plys stay & unwind together for smooth operations.


Drive System: Fully Programmable Speed, Mechanically adjustable Winding Ratio

Denier Range: 1200 – 18000 denier Filament Yarns

Ply Range: upto 20 ply with Dropbox sensor & Auto-Stop system

TakeUp: Double-Flanged Bobbin with Max. 4.5 Kg TakeUp Weight

Speeds: Max. upto 300 mtrs/min (Mechanical)

Assembly Bobbin Winder


Centralized traverse for parallel winding of Mult-Ply yarn ensures even tension on all Ply

Individual Motor driven Spindles with Start/Stop

Double-Flanged Bobbin takeUp ensures Cross-Winding-Free packages

Highest efficiency during Bobbin Change as only 1 spindle needs to stop

Positive Overfeeding ensures disturbance-free winding of multiple plys

Exact metered length package to ensure minimum wastage in Ply Yarns

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