Market Segment:
Woven fabrics for furnishing-upholstery & other medium to high GSM fabrics


Suitable for imparting Low Twists to fine-medium denier High Tenacity Filament yarns for use in Weaving.
Highly suitable for twisting textured yarns by direct feeding of textured yarn DTY packages into Two For One Twister.


  • Drive System: Inverter Driven VFD system for RPM Control, Mechanical quick-change gear system for TPM Control
  • Denier Range: 30-450 denier Filament Yarns
  • Twist Range: 140-1500 TPM (Ideal)
  • Spindle Type: 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 145mm
  • Feed Type: FDY Cops, Textured Yarn Packages (DTY Package)
  • TakeUp: 170mm, 200mm, 230mm Parallel tubes
  • Speeds: 14000 RPM & 100 mtrs/min (Mechanical Max)


  • Individual BiConical Tapering Mechanism for Excellent final packages
  • Optimised high speed Spindle Design for Energy Savings
  • High Speed Gearbox with upto 100 mtrs/min TakeUp Speeds
  • Mechanically adjustable Anti-Patterning & Edge-Breaking
  • Rust-Free metallurgy for Tensioner & Stationary Cups
  • Electronic Dropper Sensor provides central indication for any yarn breakage.
  • Dual Drive End to ensure lowest energy consumption with lowest maintenance

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L-series (Knotless package 1.0-1.8 Kg)
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