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Fancy Covering Twisters with Drafting & Multi-Ply Core

About FT- Series

Market Segment:

Fancy fabric producers used in garments & upholstery where a core & effect yarn is required to bring out the design
Yarns that provide better Bulk & Softness


Create Fancy Yarns with Multi-Ply & Multi-Colour Cores
Give Multi-Effects with Drafting like Slub
Effects like Twist Variation & Loopings
Parameters that allow increase in Bulk & Softness of yarn


Drafting: Available in 1/2/3 Drafting Options

Core Creel: Up to 6-Ply (100% position Utilization)
Up to 12-Ply (50% position Utilization)

Covering: Double Covering Setup

Structure: Double-Sided, Compact & Space Saving

Control: Programmable Drafting 1/2/3
Programmable Covering 1 & 2
Programmable Steps & Slubs
Recipe Function for easy Recall

Model: Wider Range / Customized

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