Research & Development

We prioritizes community empowerment and economic growth through value-driven solutions anchored in integrity, customer-first philosophy, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Research & Development

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“The real character of a product doesn’t lie in the product itself, but in the evolution of the product. A product design that stops evolving also stops existing” – Mr. Vallabh Thumar, Founder of Alidhra Weavetech Group

It is our belief in the growth philosophy that has always pushed us to improvise our solutions by developing capabilities that help us deliver to our promise of Get More, Get Better.

Indigenous Innovation has been the key to Weavetech’s growth strategy since its inception. It is this approach that has been put into action at a dedicated Research & Development facility at Weavetech.

Research & Development

Solutions Engineering Team (SET)

At the heart of this R&D is the Solutions Engineers Team (SET), a unique, hand-picked bunch of highly-skilled engineers who have years of combined experience in twisted yarns, woven fabrics and associated technologies. Weavetech innovation policy encourages a free flow of knowledge and exchange of ideas to ensure that the Solution Engineers Team can hunt out newer developments, enhance efficiency levels, adapt to changes as well as help customers adapt to change quickly.

With the help of this team, Weavetech ensures new ideas are continuously generated based on market demands. The team also ensures that these ideas taking shape in design as per the client’s needs are augmented with cost-efficient technologies, put though rigorous tests and upgraded at definite intervals to address transformations of the fast-changing industry scenarios.