ABW Series
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Automatic Bobbin Assembly Winder

About ABW Series

Market Segment:

Hollow Covering & Braiding Machine users looking for a small & flexible Bobbin preperation setup with fixed length yarn to avoid wastage while increading productivity & efficieciency through reducing labour.


For Bobbins to be used in Hollow Covering, Braiding
For fancy Multi-Ply Covering yarns
For equal length Bobbins


Type of Winding: Parellale (Pirn Type)

Takeup Speed: upto 500-1000 mtrs/min (Mech)

Traverse Control:  Electronic Programmable Traverse
– Adjustable 100-200mm

Takeup (Knotless): Up to 500 gms (Depending on Size of Spools & Yarn)

Feed Type: Bottom Creel for 1-ply, Standalone Creel for upto 6-ply

Yarn Tensioner: Motorized Roller with Spring Based Tensioner

Length Counting: Central length counting with Auto Stop

Automation: Automatic Bobbin Change without Operator interference

Models: ABW-2

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