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Universal Assembly Winder

About UAWSeries

Market Segment:

For Assembly of Coarse counts in Carpet / Furnishing Yarns
For Assembly of Multi-Ply core in Fancy Yarns
For Assembly of Multi-Ply yarns in Twines, Mops, Ropes


Production of Large Knotless pacakges up to 8 Kgs
CAM+Drum driven winder with a fixed Capstan Overfeed and a standalone Creel
Constant MPM Winding


Type of Winding: Random with Anti-Patterning

Takeup Speed: upto 400 mtrs/min (Mech)

Winding Control: Seperate Motor for TakeUp Drum
Seperate Motor for Traverse CAM

Position Control: Central (each Side) OR Individual Position

Takeup (Knotless): Up to 8000 gms or 280mm Dia

Creel Structure: Standalone upto 8/12/18/20-Ply per position

Winding Tension: Capstan Type Overfeed (Drive through Drum)

Conveyor: Auto Cradle Lifting with Collection on Conveyor

Lenght Counting : Std: Central , Option: Individual Position w/ Cutter

Models: UAW-c, UAW-i

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