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TFO Twisters for High Bulk Yarns with Online Heat Setting

About STR- Series

Market Segment:

High Skrinkage yarns for Label Weaving / Knitting segments
Heat-Set & Stabilized yarns for High-Tenacity Sewing threads
Applications where continuous Heat-Setting of Twisted yarns can add value to downstream processes


Provides Binding Twists before Shrinkage of base yarns through heat setting & stabilitzing, thus creating a soft, volumous yarn that has a stretch effect & zero snarling.


Takeup Speed: Up to 120 mtrs/min (Mech)

Spindle Speed: Up to 9000 RPM (Mech)

Yarn Type: Filament Yarns with High Shrinkage %

Feed (Knotless): Up to 2.4 Kgs

Takeup Type: 170 / 230mm, Soft Package on Perforated Tubes or Dye-Springs

Yarn Range: 60 – 600 denier (resultant)

Twists Range: 40 – 400 TPM

Spindle Range: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm

Traverse Type: Parellale Cheese, Edge Breaking & Anti-Patterning

Models: STR-250 , STR-330

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