CT-F Series

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CT-F Series

About CT-F Series

Market Segment:

Multi-Ply Heavy Deniers used in Technical & Functional Applications like
Twines, Carpets, Rugs
Applications that benefit from large knotless packages


Imparting Low / Binding Twists to Heavy Deniers to ensure workability of multi-ply yarns.


Takeup Speed: Up to 120 mtrs/min (Mech)

Spindle Speed: Up to 7000 RPM (Mech) (Belt Drive)

Yarn Type: Filaments / Multi-Ply Yarns

Feed (Knotless): Up to 5.0 Kg

Takeup Type: Parellale Tube (290mm)

Yarn Range: 300 – 6000 denier

Twists Range: 50 – 400 TPM

Spindle Range: 190mm , 230mm , 150mm

Traverse Type: Parallel Cheese, Edge Breaking & Anti-Patterning

Models: CT-380, CT-380-PT, CT-380-ST

R-series (1.4-3.0 Kg Knotless)


Individual BiConical Tapering Mechanism for Excellent final packages

Optimised high speed Spindle Design for Energy Savings

High Speed Gearbox with upto 120 mtrs/min TakeUp Speeds

Individual Spindle Brake for high-efficiency

Electronic Dropper Sensor provides central indication for any yarn breakage.

Dual Drive End to ensure lowest energy consumption with lowest maintenance

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