UPW Series
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Universal Precision Winder

About UPW Series

Market Segment:

For Multi-Ply Technical / Function Yarns
ReWinding into equal length packages
Producing large knotless (up to 14 kgs) packages
Areas where Constant-Tension Unwinding can add value to
downstream process


Production of Large Knotless pacakges up to 14 Kgs
Direct Drive Winder with a motorized Capstant Overfeed
& a standalone Creel
Constant Tension Winding with an On-Line Tension Control


Type of Winding: Precision & Step-Precision

Takeup Speed: Up to 400 & 800 mtrs/min (Mech)

Winding Control: STD: Fixed Winding Ratio (1 motor)
OPTION: Programmable Winding Ratio (2 motors)

Position Control: Individual Position

Takeup (Knotless): up to 14 Kgs or 300mm Dia

Creel Structure: Standalone up to 8/12/18/20-Ply per position

Winding Tension: Online Tension Control Capstan Type Overfeed (Motorized)

Lenght Counting : STD: Diameter Control; OPTION: Length Counter

Models: UPW-c, UPW-i

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