UT3- Series
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UT3- Series

About UT3- Series

Market Segment:

Technical &Functional segments that need Large Knotless package with
Binding TPM for application in Creel Weaving
Applications where Precision wound packages help speed up
downstream processes
Applications that require small lot production runs


Suitable for Technical & Functional Textiles
Suitable for Low / Binding Twists.


Package Type: Precision Winding

Takeup Speed: Up to 400 mtrs/min (Mech)

Spindle Speed: Up to 9000 RPM (Mech) Motorized Spindle

Yarn Type : Filaments / Multi-Ply / High Tenacity Yarns

Feed (Knotless) : Up to 14 Kgs

Takeup Type : Parellale Tube (290-330mm)

Yarn Range : 800 – 18000 denier

Twists Range : 20 – 100 TPM

Spindle Range : 310mm, 330mm

Models : UT-3i

H-series (0.5-1.2 Kg Knotless)


Optimised high speed Spindle Design for Energy Savings

Cast Iron Gearbox with Anti-Patterning & BiConical Traverse

High Speed Gearbox with upto 50 mtrs/min TakeUp Speeds

Rust-Free metallurgy for Tensioner & Stationary Cups

M.S Cradle for consistent pressure for better package built

Overfeed with Ceramic Teeth to ensure even package density across spindles

Electronic Dropper Sensor provides central indication for any yarn breakage.

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