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Direct-Cabler / Direct-Corder

About CC Series

Market Segment:

Carpet Yarns, Furnishing Yarns, Mop Yarns
Yarns & Fabrics that require better binding for coatings


For 2-ply Balanced yarns


Takeup Speed: upto 60 mtrs/min in Cabling

Spindle : Belt Spindle with Pneumatic Disengage (6000 RPM Mech

Yarn Type: Polyester / Nylon / PP / Rayon / BCF / Spun

Feed (Knotless): Max. 4 Kgs or Dia. 220mm

Takeup (Knotless): Max. 8 Kgs or Dia. 250mm

Takeup Type: Manual Cradle lifting

Ply Sensor: Tension Sensor with Cutter per Position

Tension Control: UniTensioner

Yarn Range: 2/300 – 2/1500 denier

Twists Range: 80 – 800 TPM

Spindle Range: 145mm, 200mm, 230mm

Models: CC-330, CC-380

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