S200-D Series

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S200-D Series

About S200-D Series

Market Segment:

Job Workers & independent Twisters looking for a low-cost machine with basic features without compromise in quality, mainly for Synthetic Yarns


Imparting Twists on fine to medium count Spun yarns.


Takeup Speed: Up to 60 mtrs/min (Mech)

Spindle Speed: Up to 12000 RPM (Mech)

Yarn Type: Spun Yarns (Synthetic & Blends)

Feed (Knotless): Up to 1.0 Kg

Takeup Type: Central Shaft Mounted Cradles w/ Taper Tubes

Yarn Range: 5 – 50 Ne (Resultant)

Twists Range: 160 – 1600 TPM / 4 – 40 TPi

Spindle Range: 110mm, 125mm, 135mm

Traverse Type: Parellale Cheese, Edge Breaking & Anti-Patterning

Models: S200-D (Double-Deck)

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