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Cone-2-Cone Sizing Model

About WSZ-C2C Series


Make Pattern beams where filament & spun yarns need to be mixed for warp
Provide strength to fancy yarns for warp / weft
Use sectional warping to make sized beams.


Structure: – Creel – Size Box – Heating – Cooling – Winding

Heating: Electric Thermopack
– Electric InfraRed with Frequency Control (*No Gas, No Coal, No Steam)

No. of Ends: 40 to 400

TakeUp (Knotless): Available in 170mm to 300mm Take-up Tubes with 1-10 kg knotless in Random, Precision & Step-Precision wound packages

Models: Wider Range/Customized

Cone-2-Cone Sizing Model


Fancy fabrics producers looking to blend different yarns in warp.

Yarn producers looking to supply direct-use sized yarns to high speed looms for beam preparation using sectional-warping.

Technical Textile weavers looking to reduce filamentation & BF problems in warp on Zero-Twist yarns

Closed loop Tension Control system

Multi-Section Drive with PLC synchronisation

Electric & Infrared Heating options eliminate need for specialised boilers & burners

Automatic size supply controlled with PLC (option)

Recipe function for quick recall of settings for different applications

Common machine for Viscose Rayon / Polyester / Nylon filament yarns

TouchScreen HMI & PLC compliant IoT 4.0

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