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Dye Package Winders

About PCW Series

Market Segment:

Yarn Dyeing units requiring large capacities for a dedicated winders for Filament Yarn Soft & Hard package preparations
Very compact & Simple to operate
Highly Cost-Effective production of Soft & Hard packages


Soft Winder for preparation of Filament yarn packages
Hard Winder for rewinding packages post-dyeing


Type of Winding : Random with Anti-Patterning & Edge-Breaking

Takeup Speed : Up to 800 mtrs/min (Mech)

Traverse Control : Individual CAM driven Centrally
Adjustable 170-210mm & 210-250mm
BiConical Tapering

Speed Control : Each Side programmable Seperately

TakeUp (Knotless) : SOFT: upto 3000 gms; HARD: upto 5000gms

Feed Type : Bottom Creel for 1-ply, Standalone Creel for 3-ply

Yarn Tensioner : SOFT: Capstan Overfeed HARD: Gate-Type Tensioner

Oiler Device : Central Motorized Programmable

Length Counting : Central Doff Timer

Models : SOFT: PCW-950 ; HARD: PCW-850

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