Market Segment:
High Tenacity Threads to be used in production of Twines, Ropes, Nets, Belts & other technical fabrics


Suitable for imparting Ply Twist on High Tenacity Coarse Yarns where large knotless packages are required


  • Drive System: Tangential Belt Drive with Programmable RPM & Mechanical TPM control
  • Frame : Single-Deck with Pre-Assembled frames (Primary Only)
  • Denier Range: 2/50 - 3/400 denier; Controlled Balloon: 2/50 - 3/800 denier
  • Twist Range: 150-1200 TPM (ideal)
  • Spindle Type: PRIMARY: 110mm, 125mm, 140mm
  • TakeUp Type: 250mm D/F Bobbin with dia. 190mm & upto 4.5 Kg Capacity max.
  • Speeds: 9000 RPM & 100 mtrs/min (depending on Yarn)


  • Dedicated to impart Ply Twist & Assemble upto 3-ply & then to feed in R-series machines for Cable Twist
  • Optimised high speed Spindle Design for Energy Savings
  • Yarn Path designed specifically for maintaining Tenacity & Strength of threads
  • Individual Spindle Brake for high-efficiency (option)
  • Yarn Sensor & Cutter ensures no missing-ply yarn are produced reducing wastage
  • Special design to accommodate large cops of upto 420mm length & 2 Kg weight

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RP-series (upto 4.5 Kg)
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