Most Advance Electronic Rapier Jacquard Loom for Jacquard weaving is available in wide widths upto 360cm & with 10,000 hooks electronic jacquard. The weaving machine & jacquard machine are perfectly integrated in a seamless single control panel to provide ease of operation while ensuring error-free weaving.

Manufactured under ITEMA - SULTEX (Formerly SULZER) licence ensuring best metallurgy & longest product life.



Most suitable for manufacturing Home Furnishing Fabrics, Sarees & Other Fancy Garments which require fancy jacquard designs with high cover factor. 


  • Drive System: Direct Drive with Programmable Speed/RPM
  • Widths: upto 360cms
  • Shedding: Electronic Jacquard Loom
  • Gripper: Guideless Rapier
  • Beam: Single / Twin / Double
  • Weft: Upto 12 colors
  • Pick: max. 300 picks/cm
  • Warp: Electronic Let Off & Electronic TakeUp
  • Special Technology: Variable Pick Density, Variable Weft Insertion Speed, 'ROTOCUT' Weft Cutter, Cramming synchronised with Jacquard, Electronic Selvedge, Heavy Cover Factor


  • Weaving Machine Speeds upto 700 RPM & 1520 mtrs/min
  • Jacquard Weaving Speeds upto 500 RPM depending on fabrics
  • Technology under license from ITEMA - SULTEX (Formerly Sulzer), Switzerland
  • Standard Supply: Direct-Drive, ROTOCUT, Electronic Slvedge
  • Standard Supply: Variable Pick Density & Variable Weft Insertion Speed
  • 5 - 1200 dtex & 1 - 200 Nm of Filament / Cotton Yarn can be weaved
  • Monofilaments upto 0.3mm
  • Special features for Rayon, Bemberg, Jari, Multi-Ply Yarns.
  • No fabric marks or stains
  • Less wear-n-tear of tapes; less maintenance cost
  • No disturbance to Warp Sheets, less breakages at higher speeds
  • European Metallurgy ensures life of 25+ years
  • Heavy & Sturdy frame ensures vibration free operations at high speed
  • All performance components from Approved sources of ITME-SULTEX (SULZER)
  • Manufactured to ITEMA-SULTEX (SULZER) European Standards

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