ACE 3 is an Entry Level Rapier Dobby Loom, a weaving machine, most suitable for Light GSM Fabrics currently made on ordinary shuttle loom / power loom. Available with wide range of options. Most suitable for current shutlleloom / power loom users looking for immediate upgrade.


Light Weight / Light GSM garment based fabrics covering filaments, spun, viscose rayon, fancy yarns.
Plain, Dobby or Electronic Jacquard shedding available integrated with Rapier weaving machine, ACE 3
Rapier Dobby Loom Machine to weave dobby fabrics
Rapier Jacquard Loom Machine to weave Jacquard fabrics
Perfect investment to upgrade Power Loom


  • Largest selling & Most Successful Indian Rapier loom & weaving machine.
  • Fastest Crank Rapier with speeds upto 250 RPM
  • Lowest Power Consuming Rapier Loom.
  • Heaviest & Sturdiest Rapier with 2 tons weight.
  • More than 9000 rapiers running successfully
  • Available as Rapier Dobby Loom, Rapier Jacquard Loom also.



Suitable for Upgrade from Power loom to Shuttle-less technology at Lowest Investment Cost.:

  • ACE 3 Rapier loom fits in the same space as your Shuttle Power Loom, hence no need for new Building.
  • Use same accessories of Power loom to quick-start your production.
  • Ideal for all types of yarns including Filament, Spun, Silk, Viscose, Mono, Slub, Metallic Jari etc.
  • Speeds upto 250 RPM & Efficiency upto 95% gives almost twice the production of Power loom.
  • Reduce number of operators compared to Power Loom
  • Energy-Saving compared to Power Loom
  • Ideal for light weight fabrics upto 250 GSM.

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