Market Segment:
Yarn Dyeing Winder Machine for winding Fine to Coarse denier in FIlament Yarns for use in Weaving or Knitting.
Yarn or Thread Winding Machine for rewinding large packages into smaller packages suitable for downstream processes.


Soft Winder for preparation of Soft Package for Dyeing
Hard Winder or Final Winder for preparation of Hard Packages Post-Dyeing
Ply Winding Machine for assembly & Intermingling two different filaments yarns
Coning Machine for rewinding small bobbins into larger package for use in Weft
Thread Winding Machine for use in making smaller Sewing Thread Bobbins


  • Drive System: Split Control. Each side can be programmed to run different yarns. PLC with HMI
  • Programmable: Speed, Winding Ratio & Angle, Anti-Patterning Cycles, Edge-Breaking Cycles, Overfeed Ratio
  • Denier Range: 30 - 600 denier Filament Yarns, 20-150 denier Mono Filament Yarns.
  • TakeUp: 170 / 230mm Parallel Tubes with max. 4 Kg Weight or Dia. 200mm
  • Speeds: Max. upto 1200 mtrs/min (Mechanical)


  • Individual CAM traverse allows high flexibility to adjust Winding Ratios
  • BiConical System ensures elimination of cross-winding defects
  • Anti-Patterning & Edge-Breaking is avoided by Cyclic Traverse Speed & Length Variations.
  • Split Control provides versatility & saves operating costs over small lots.
  • Pressure Compensation Adjustment & Vibration Damping system on every Cradle.
  • Multi-Stroke CAM system allows fine adjustment for better package formation.
  • ’PosiFEED’ overfeed system ensures constant yarn feeding to maintain take-up tension.
  • Separate Programmable drives for Traverse, Take-Up & Overfeed ensures flexibility.
  • Advance PLC system allows storage & retrieval of all parameters from a memory card.

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BiConical Cheese Winder PCW-series
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