Market Segment:
Fine to Coarse denier in FIlament Yarns for use in Weaving or Knitting


Preparation of Soft Package for Dyeing or Hard Packages Post-Dyeing


  • Drive System: Split Control. Each side can be programmed to run different yarns. PLC with HMI
  • Programmable: Speed, Winding Ratio & Angle, Anti-Patterning Cycles, Edge-Breaking Cycles, Overfeed Ratio
  • Denier Range: 30 - 600 denier Filament Yarns, 20-150 denier Mono Filament Yarns.
  • TakeUp: 170 / 230mm Parallel Tubes with max. 4 Kg Weight or Dia. 200mm
  • Speeds: Max. upto 1200 mtrs/min (Mechanical)


  • Individual CAM traverse allows high flexibility to adjust Winding Ratios
  • BiConical System ensures elimination of cross-winding defects
  • Anti-Patterning & Edge-Breaking is avoided by Cyclic Traverse Speed & Length Variations.
  • Split Control provides versatility & saves operating costs over small lots.
  • Pressure Compensation Adjustment & Vibration Damping system on every Cradle.
  • Multi-Stroke CAM system allows fine adjustment for better package formation.
  • ’PosiFEED’ overfeed system ensures constant yarn feeding to maintain take-up tension.
  • Separate Programmable drives for Traverse, Take-Up & Overfeed ensures flexibility.
  • Advance PLC system allows storage & retrieval of all parameters from a memory card.

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BiConical Cheese Winder-PCW-series
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