Market Segment:
Fine to Medium Denier Filament Yarns which needs to be prepared in Pirn form on Winder machine to be further twisted on TFO Twisters for application in Weaving & Knitting.


Coning Machine or Winder Machine used in preparation of small Cops / Pirns / Bobbins for further processing on TFO Twister machines or Covering Machines.


  • Drive System: Fully Programmable Speed, Shape, Traverse Ratio, Winding Ratio, Length, Weight by PLC with Touch Screen HMI
  • Denier Range: 20-800 denier Filament Yarns (Single-Ply)
  • TakeUp: 240-420mm Cops / Bobbins with max. 2.0 Kgs weight
  • Speeds: Max. 800 mtrs/min (Mechanical)


  • Fully Programmable SERVO Traverse
  • Heavy Duty LFR Traverse with Dual Support for long maintenance-free life
  • Closed loop PLC with wide range of programmable parameters
  • Individual Spindle Brakes to ensure highest operator efficiency
  • Individual Belt Pressure Pulleys to ensure minimum weight variations
  • Individual Length Counter per spindle to ensure equal length packages
  • Precision Dial Tensioner to ensure consistent yarn tension throughout the package

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Cops Winder Machine
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