Market Segment:
Technical / Industrial Yarns where Low Twists or Binding Twists need to applied for ease of use in downstream processes.
Industrial High Tenacity Yarn or Thread Winding Machine applications


Preparation of Assembly wound package of multi-ply Filament yarns of 3-10 Kgs for next Twisting Process.
Rewinding of Twisting Industrial Yarns of Threads on Thread Winding Machine


  • Drive System: Fully Programmable Speed, Traverse Ratio, Winding Ratio, Length, Weight by PLC with Touch Screen HMI
  • Denier Range: 400 - 18000 denier Filament Yarns
  • Ply Range: upto 20 ply with Ply sensor & Auto-Stop system
  • TakeUp: Cheese with 250mm Traverse Length & Max. 12 Kg TakeUp Weight
  • Speeds: Max. upto 1000 mtrs/min (Mechanical)


  • Precision Winding for best weight-diameter optimisation while ensuring consistent tension during unwinding.
  • Single-Spindle winders with individual control system per Spindle
  • Highest Performance with minimum space requirement
  • Highest efficiency during Bobbin Change as only 1 spindle needs to stop
  • Overfeed & Yarn Tension control systems available as option
  • Exact metered length package to ensure minimum wastage in Ply Yarns
  • Modular frame enables to purchase exact number of spindles as required

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Universal Winder UW-1

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