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Automatic Warp Tying Machine / Knotting Machine


Product Information:

The WARPMATIC warp tying or warp knotting machine is highly advanced machine designed for universal use in warp change to install new beams produced on warping machines. Targeted at improving labour efficiency & productivity, it is quick to set up, easy to operate, and reliably ties wide range of standard yarns.
Special features allows tying of single knots, double knots, or both. Additionally, repeat programming allows tying of colored warps. The display shows ideal operating parameters including number of knots completed. A special preventive feature ensures that the machine stops in case of 3 ineffective knots.


During Warp change, the WARPMATIC can automatically tie warp ends of existing beam with new beam produced on warping machine. This Warp knotting machines eliminates requirement of specially skilled workers & provides error-free warp change.


Maximum speeds of upto 600 knots/minute

Precision BLDC motors emit low noise

LCD line display shows quantity of knots

Automatically stops working in case of 3 failed knots

Freely adjust knots of Warp with different patterns 

Automatic Warp Tying Machine / Knotting Machine



Quick & Easy warp preparation on the tying frame

Reliable knot formation even at high tying speed

Perfect drawing of warp threads through the weaving harness


Wide range of staple fibers and filament yarns can be tied with minimal adjustments.

Can deliver single or double knots quickly & easilty as per demands of warp yarn.

Suitable for warps with or without regular or irregular lease in upper or lower sheet, single or multi-color, depending on yarn types.


Smart detection system of WARPMATIC can identify double thread operating in warps with or without lease

Reduction in double threads & redirected warp threads enable high efficiency & productivity of the weaving machine.

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