Advantages Of Advance Electronic Rapier Jacquard Looms

Advantages Of Advance Electronic Rapier Jacquard Looms

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Let us begin by understanding what exactly is a rapier loom, and how it is better than a regular machine loom for certain kinds of fabrics. 

A rapier loom, unlike a regular loom, has no shuttle for the filling yarn aka weft. Therefore, a rapier weaving machine is a shuttleless weaving loom that carries the weft yarn through the shed of the warp by finger-like carriers to the other side of the loom. And those finger-like carriers in the rapier loom machine are called rapiers. 

There are two types of rapier loom machines. In one, there is a single long rapier that reaches across the loom’s width and carries the weft to the other side. In the second type of rapier machine, there are two rapiers one on each side, the work of one rapier is to carry the pick halfway through the shed and meet the other rapier that carries the pick the other halfway across the loom. The rapier looks like a steel tape or a rod and is connected to the control system of the rapier machine. The rapier moves across the width of the fabric carrying the weft yarn and comes back to its original place leaving the pick in its place. 

There is no other loom better than the rapier loom machine, especially when it comes to yarn-dyed fabrics, silk, wool, linen, towel quilt, and more. 

Rapier machines are considered perfect particularly for Jacquard fabric, do you know why?

Unlike a printed or dyed fabric, the colours and patterns are incorporated into the weave of the jacquard fabric. And because of such intricacy involved in a jacquard weave, it used to be one of the most luxurious fabrics. But since the invention of the machine looms, it has become more affordable. 

Brocade fabric is woven through the jacquard attachment, and of course, it never lost its appeal in the eyes of fashion lovers. It is generally heavier than other fabrics and is popularly used in upholstery, draperies, and fashion. In the old days, brocade was made in some flawlessly raised multicolored rich patterns. It used to be usually on a satin or twill background.

And just to let you know, rapier jacquard machines can use up to 12 colours of weft in them. They also offer 300 picks per cm, making a finely woven fabric. Rapier jacquard machines are great for a wider width of the fabric and can give up to 360 cms.

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