Different Types of Fancy Yarns and Their Uses

Different Types of Fancy Yarns and Their Uses

Different Types of Fancy Yarns and Their Uses

What are fancy yarns?

Fancy yarns are yarns that have been processed or manipulated in some way to create a unique texture or appearance. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and synthetic fibres, and can be produced using a variety of techniques, such as twisting, texturizing, or boucle. Some examples of fancy yarns include boucle, chenille, eyelash, and boucle yarns. They are usually used in making decorative and textured fabrics like scarfs, shawls and other accessories. Textile yarns are the basic building blocks of fabrics. They are used in fabric design and production to create different textures, colours, and thicknesses. The term “fancy yarns” refers to yarns that have been designed for their aesthetic appearance rather than their performance. They may have variations in colour or texture, or include metallic components to create unique effects. Fancy yarns are used to create decorative and novelty fabrics, while “fancy doubled yarns” refers to yarns that are created by combining multiple yarns or fibres to create unique effects. Get in touch with Alidhra Weavetech as we provide the most energy efficient twisting and weaving solution in India.

Properties of fancy yarns?

There is potential for research to discover the physical properties of different types of yarn and how they are affected by the machinery and structures used to produce them. These properties, such as strength, wear resistance, flexibility, and suitability for specific manufacturing or dyeing processes, are of interest to commercial users of fancy yarns. Other areas of research may include the effect of production rate on yarn behaviour, the potential for lycra to improve stretch properties, and the impact of different production methods on yarn handling. It is important for users to select a yarn produced in a way that best suits their intended processing.

Different types of fancy yarns are described in the below section:

Spiral yarns: Spiral yarn is a type of yarn that is twisted in a spiral pattern, rather than the more common S-twist or Z-twist. This creates a unique texture and visual effect, and can also make the yarn more durable. It is often used in creating unique and artistic knitting or crochet projects. This is achieved by plying two single yarns of different thickness and twist level together, with one yarn being fed at a slightly faster rate than the other. This results in the shorter yarn forming the core of the spiral while the longer yarn creates the spirals around it.

Gimp yarn: It has been identified that both the plying technique and the hollow spindle process can be used to create gimp wavy yarn. In the plying technique, multiple yarns are twisted together to create a new yarn with a distinct texture and pattern. In the hollow spindle process, a ribbon is drafted and then buckled into a wavy shape using a hollow spindle. Both methods result in a unique yarn with a wavy texture, but the hollow spindle process is specifically used to create this type of yarn. If you are looking to learn more about textile manufacturer machineries, then you must visit our website or learn our blogs as we have added too much useful information in our blogs.

Loop yarns: Loop yarns are a type of yarn that have loops or tufts of fibre along their length. These loops can be made of the same material as the yarn itself or of a different material. These yarns are used in the production of textiles such as velvet, velour, and terry cloth. They can also be used for decorative purposes in knitting and crochet projects. Correct, the type of fibres, level of twist applied, and percentage of overfeed employed at the profile stage are all important considerations when working with loop yarns. The type of fibres can affect the strength and softness of the yarn, the level of twist can affect the yarn’s elasticity and durability, and the percentage of overfeed can affect the yarn’s thickness and overall appearance.

SNARL Yarns: SNARL yarns are a brand of yarns. It stands for “Slightly Nubby and Rough Luxe” yarns, which refers to the texture of the yarns that are offered by this brand. They are known for their unique texture and colour. SNARL yarns are often used for knitting and crocheting projects, such as scarfs, shawls, and blankets. They can also be used to create textured fabrics for clothing and other items. 

Knob yarns: Knob yarns are yarns that have small, raised areas or “knobs” along their length. These knobs can be created by using thicker sections of yarn, knots, or by twisting or braiding different sections of yarn together. Knob yarns can add texture and interest to knitting or crochet projects, and can be used in a variety of different types of projects such as scarves, blankets, or bags. 

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