Fastest Machine For Dobby Fabric Weaving

Fastest Machine For Dobby Fabric Weaving

Fastest Machine For Dobby Fabric Weaving

Dobby is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated fabrics. Its intricate weaving and texture make it one of the most sought-after fabrics in the market. Its fabric weaving can be characterised by small geometric patterns. It can have both, same and different coloured warp and weft threads. If you want to highlight the pattern through the texture of the fabric, using satin threads would be a great idea. 

Dobby fabric weaving usually looks like a geometric pattern repeated in the entire fabric. And the fastest fabric weaving machine in India that can produce a good quality of dobby fabric is Alidhra Weavetech’s ACE R6300. It is the first guideless high speed Rapier Dobby loom which is made using European technology. It offers a performance of European technology at an Indian Price. A fabric weaving machine like this can offer a great return on investment for any textile manufacturing unit.   

ACE R6300 offers the highest versatility when compared to other weaving machines in the market as it gives a wide range of options. This fabric weaving machine is most suitable for weaving high GSM & heavy density plain, twill, and dobby fabrics for suiting, shirting, furnishing, liners, etc. The Guideless Rapier Technology of ACE R6300 Rapier fabric weaving machine can weave extremely delicate warp yarns like Silk, Viscose, and Rayon with great ease.  

Fastest Machine For Dobby Fabric Weaving2

This machine allows the weaving of various widths of fabrics from 190cms to 360cms and can use 8 to 12 different colours of weft yarns. The maximum number of picks/inches that you can get through this machine is 250, which is a very good number. Since it’s extremely heavy and sturdy, it can easily work at the highest speed without too much vibration. It gives a speed of up to 500 RPM & 1050 meters/min. According to the quality of performance that this fabric weaving machine offers, its cost is ideal and offers faster payback compared to other weaving machines. Also, it needs no maintenance and is perfect for the Indian environment. 

ACE R6300 has special features for the weaving for Rayon, Jari, Multi-ply yarn and bemberg. And since it has a Guideless Rapier, you don’t have to worry about fabric marks or stains. Guideless rapier also helps reduce the wear-n-tear of tapes which results in the reduction of maintenance cost and it does not disturb the warp sheep which helps with reducing the breakages at higher speed.  

European Metallurgy, this machine ensures over 25 years of life. Manufactured with European standards makes it the best machine available in the market for quality weaving of intricate fabrics. 

Stay updated on technology with ACE R6300 and offer your clients all the latest trends.