How Rapier Jacquard Machine Can Increase Your Production Efficiency

How Rapier Jacquard Machine Can Increase Your Production Efficiency

How Rapier Jacquard Machine Can Increase Your Production Efficiency

If you don’t already know it, Jacquard is a patterned cloth, a pattern that comes through a weave and not a print. Jacquard Weaving Machine was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1804. This machine could manufacture a complex and detailed pattern even by an unskilled worker. It was a great revolution as it required very little time and little knowledge. 

Now the question is, what’s a Rapier Weaving Machine?

Weaving machines usually have a shuttle that has a holder which carries the weft yarn while weaving. The shuttle is passed back and forth through the warp yarns to weave in the weft. 

A shuttleless weaving loom in which the weft yarn is carried through warp yarns to the other side of the loom by carriers, these carriers are called rapiers. 

There are two kinds of Rapier looms, one with a single rapier and the other with a double rapier. As you know that the single rapier carries the weft yarn back and forth through the warp yarn, in the double rapier two rapiers are used, one for each half of the width of the fabric. Double rapier machines are more common than single rapier machines for their faster speed and their capability to weave a wider width of fabric.

Did you know that those weaving machines which have a rapier weft insertion in a Jacquard loom are called Rapier Jacquard Machines! Alidhra Weavetech offers one of the most advanced electronic Rapier Jacquard machines for weaving any kind of Jacquard fabric. This machine is called CG6500 High Speed Rapier Jacquard Loom ITEMA – SULTEX Technology. It has the ability to weave up to 360 cm width of fabric like home furnishing fabrics. It is also suitable for weaving sarees and intricately patterned fabrics for fancy garments.

How Rapier Jacquard Machine Can Increase Your Production Efficiency2

This Rapier Jacquard Machine offers a programmable speed of up to 700 Revolution per minute and 1520 meters per minute. It can work with up to 12 colors of weft yarn at once. 

Being able to offer over 300 picks per centimeter, this machine has the capability to weave a strong and high-quality fabric. The weaving of Jacquard can speed up to 500 RPM depending on the type of fabric you plan to weave. 

CG6500 High Speed Rapier Jacquard Machine provides special features for fabrics like Rayon, Bemberg, Jari, Multi-Ply Yarns. Its guideless rapier offers benefits like fabrics with no marks or stains and less wear-n-tear of tapes. The maintenance cost also reduces because of the guideless rapier. With numerous such functions, this machine is quite user friendly and long lasting, at the same time it manufactures good quality fabric with high speed. 

We hope this information was helpful! To know more about this machine, feel free to reach out to us.