Jacquard Loom Machine - 3 Fabrics & Its Importance In Various Industries

Jacquard Loom Machine - 3 Fabrics & Its Importance In Various Industries

Jacquard Loom Machine - 3 Fabrics & Its Importance In Various Industries

What is a Jacquard Loom Machine?

The Jacquard Loom Machine is a device fitted to a loom that simplifies the process of manufacturing textile with such complex patterns as a brocade, damask and matelasse. It is known as one of the most advanced weaving machines around the globe.

A jacquard textile machine is used to weave the type of fabric known as Jacquard. They were created in 1804 by the french engineer and silk manufacturer Joseph Marie Jacquard. It is capable of producing complex patterns on fabric through the use of punched cards. Plain, satin, velvet, and lace are the fabrics which were woven with the jacquard textile machine. There is an increase in the application of this technology in recent decades.

Let’s discuss the fabrics and how jacquard loom machines are used in various industries.


Brocade is a class of richly decorative subtle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks and sometimes with gold and silver threads. One of the most popular machines used for weaving brocades is the computer jacquard machine. Brocade has patterns that can be woven right into the fabric opposed to the embroidered fabrics. It is additionally known as embossed cloth. Earlier, brocade was formerly used for decorative clothing, although now, it is used widely.

Where is the Brocade fabric used?

Homeware: Curtains and heavy silk drapes

Accessories: Tie, pocket squares, pillows

Furniture: Ornamental Chairs with brocade cushions and sofas with brocade patterns


Damask is a type of fabric characterized by its flat and reversible pattern. It is typically made of silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers and is often used for table linens, upholstery, and clothing. The pattern is created by weaving the warp and weft threads of different colors in a specific manner to create a reversible design. The name “damask” originates from the city of Damascus in Syria, where the fabric was first produced.

Where are Damask fabrics used?


Damask is essentially used for evening wear, jackets, and other stuff clothing items that are meant to be somewhat weather-resistant.


Scarves, handbags, and luggage are some of the common uses of damask in everyday wear.


Damask is regularly used in upholstery for home decor. Damask can sometimes be seen on light rugs as well.

Additionally, Damask is used in a wide variety of products, including wallpapers and suitcases, including fabrics with a damask-inspired pattern. Other frequent plastic accessories with damask designs include glass cases, laptop cases, phone cases and a lot of other plastic accessories.

Matelasse Fabric
Matelasse is a type of fabric that has a raised, quilted surface that resembles a woven basket. The word “matelasse” comes from the French term for “quilted.” It is usually made of cotton or silk, and is often used for bedspreads, curtains, and upholstery. Matelasse fabric is characterized by its intricate patterns and soft, plush feel.  An interesting fact is that in the sewing industry, a “figured fabric” is an example of what is known as a Matelasse Fabric. This fabric has a complicated weave structure. It is manufactured using cotton, silk, or rayon. The fabric has a flexible surface with a quilted appearance, additionally, the fabric is opaque in appearance.

Where is Matelasse Fabric used?

Home Furnishing:

Curtains, bedsheets, pillowcases, bed skirts, cushion covers, etc.

Computerized Jacquard Loom is the best fabric weaver as it can carry out any weave pattern and also produce endless fabrics. It started the manufacturing and consumerism industrial revolutions. Due to the demand of simple, minimal and adaptable fabrics, there is a considerable increase in favor for the industrial looms among the designers and apparel firms.

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