What is Jacquard Loom And Why It Is Important?

What is Jacquard Loom And Why It Is Important?

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After the french revolution, rebels burned down the tapestries to gain silver and gold threads used in the same. And its demand also decreased due to the end of the aristocracy. That’s when Joseph Marie Jacquard came up with new options of looms that revolutionized tapestry weaving. And the Jacquard loom could survive a downfall of the century. 


Joseph Marie Jacquard was a revolutionary who saved the weaving industry by inventing options that are still in use today. And if you don’t know what he invented, let us guide you through it. 

What is Jacquard loom?

A Jacquard loom uses multiple punch cards during the weaving process. And the creation of this loom was led by a loom machine, the first time ever by Jacquard. The quality and elegant designs of those looms were standardized and the process became also easy due to the power loom machine.

This loom not only revolutionized the process of weaving handwoven tapestries but also made it cost-effective for everyone to afford. And not just for aristocrats. The loom fabric of this category uses punch cards through which a hook can go through, determining if the thread lies below or above the weft. This way, the power machine loom operator is able to control the patterns of loom fabric. Moreover, this type of loom fabric can be re-sued which helped standardize the entire process and quality. 

Another noticeable thing about Jacquard tapestries; a loom machine is that it is not computrized. It’s human-controlled and offers specific detailing which makes this loom unique from others. This benefit also helps have a variety of tapestries. Other than that the punch card system of Jacquard loom does not control the design, but it controls the weaving process. The natural variations coming out ensure that all tapestries are different from each other. This natural variation has led people to use Jacquard loom as a wall hanging art which is loved by everyone in the modern world.

The Jacquard loom is now mass-produced offering less expensive tapestries. This loom fabric remained unchanged until the modern looms that are more computerized came into use today. Despite that many changes, the principle of the jacquard tapestry remained unchanged due to its uniqueness. Now, loom machines are easily available through well-known weaving machine manufacturing companies. From the world, German-engineered and India’s manufactured machines are the most popular.