Which Is The Best Weaving Loom For Manufacturing Dobby Weave?

Which Is The Best Weaving Loom For Manufacturing Dobby Weave?

Which Is The Best Weaving Loom For Manufacturing Dobby Weave

If you are reading this, you must already know that there are mainly two kinds of weaving looms, handloom and machine loom. After the invention of the machine loom, we saw continuous growth in the technology of weaving looms. The various kinds of weaves, counts, GSMs, and finishes we see today have become possible because of the continuous developments in the textile industry over the years. 

As you know, there are various kinds of weaves, and if you are in the textile industry you would know about most of them. From plain weave to twill, satin, basket, and herringbone weave, all the names sound a little familiar, right? But how about Dobby weave? 

Today, we have chosen to talk about the Dobby weave. This kind of weave requires a special loom attachment in the weaving loom. It offers a small, geometrical textured woven design that is frequently repeated. One of the best weaving looms in the market to produce Dobby weave is Ace 3 Rapier Loom by Alidhra Weavetech. It is an entry-level Rapier Dobby Loom that is most suitable for lightweight or low GSM fabrics. It is available with a wide range of options and is most suitable for current shuttle loom and power loom users. You can immediately upgrade your weaving loom to manufacture Dobby weave.  

Ace 3 Rapier loom can be used for light GSM garment-based fabrics. Spun, viscose rayon, and even fancy yarns can be used on this weaving loom. It is also integrated with plain, Dobby, or Electronic Jacquard Shedding. It is a great investment for any textile manufacturing unit to upgrade its power loom technology. It is sure to offer great returns. 

There are some things about this Rapier loom that makes it out of the ordinary. For example, it is the largest selling and the most successful Indian weaving loom. And with a speed of up to 250 RPM, it is also the fastest Crank Rapier loom. It consumes the lowest amount of power compared to other rapier looms. Its two tons of weight make it the heaviest and sturdiest rapier looms. Also, it has over 9000 rapiers running successfully which helps in increasing its efficiency.

Which Is The Best Weaving Loom For Manufacturing Dobby Weave2

It is not just available as Rapier Dobby loom but Rapier Jacquard loom as well. 

ACE 3 Rapier loom does not consume a lot of space and can fit in the same space as the shuttle power loom. You can upgrade your weaving technology and quickly start your production as it uses the same accessories like the power loom. It will save your energy and offer almost twice the production of the power loom. You will also have to deal with fewer operators compared to Power Loom. 

We hope now you know why you should invest in Ace 3 Rapier Loom