4 Best Yarn Weaving Machine for Different Yarns

4 Best Yarn Weaving Machine for Different Yarns

4 Best Yarn Weaving Machine for Different Yarns

You might have seen different kinds of yarn woven on different kinds of weaving machines. It is much easier to choose the best yarn weaving machines as per the type of yarn and fabric materials. Yarn is basically a synthetic or natural thread that is made up of filaments, fibres, or other kinds of materials that are used to make interlaced fabrics, such as knitted or woven ones. To have full control over weaving, you must know about the properties of the fabrics and how the fibres work with each other. Silk, polyester, wool, cotton, rayon, and acrylic each have their own properties and personalities. A weaver knows how to make them get along, also about the best yarn manufacturers in India. Textile manufacturing is the big and famous business in India that turns fibre into yarn and fabrics. Let’s find out the four best yarn weaving machines for different yarns:

Air Jet Looms: 

This is a kind of shuttleless loom that offers the best weft insertion performance. This yarn weaving machine is capable of producing light to medium-weight fabrics such as jeans, shirts, sheets, towels, sportswear, and so on. Air-jet looms are also widely used to produce woven plaids, dobby, and jacquard fabrics as well. The air jet loom weaving machine is good for producing and customising cotton fibres and fabric in bulk. This is the best yarn weaving machine for cotton as this fabric is resistant to heat, air and water, and it also has high absorbency. Cotton is one of the most common and widely used fabrics in India, so many textile industries in India use air jet looms.

Water Jet Loom: 

A water jet loom is similar to an air jet loom but uses water instead of air to transport the yarn around the shed. This helps in the fast weaving process along with not damaging the yarns, as water is less harsh than the solid matter that basically happens with rapier weaving machines. This weaving machine is good only for hydrophobic yarns like polyester, PET, acetate, and polyamide. Polyester yarn is a popular textile material in India and is used for making clothes, bags, and artificial fibres as well. Polyester yarn is also used for different kinds of applications as well as used in the clothing, textile, and construction industries. If you are looking for the best textile machine manufacturer in India, contact Weavetech because we provide the most energy-efficient twisting and weaving solutions.

Rapier Loom: 

Rapier loom is a shuttle less weaving loom where yarn is passed out through the shed of warp yarns to the other side of the loom. Rapier loom machine is widely used by the textile manufacturer industry in India as it is capable of producing high quality viscose fabric at affordable prices. They are also known as one of the quickest looms and are hence preferred for producing quantities of fabrics in bulk. The Rapier loom is capable of weaving any kind of material and can also weave textiles up to 110 inches wide without any kind of modification. Rapier looms are mostly used to make clothing out of viscose yarn, such as cashmere, jersey, and fleece. Furthermore, viscose yarn is also used for decorative clothing and for making different kinds of bedding.

Shuttle Looms: 

This is a kind of traditional weaving method that utilises a shuttle to permit the lateral horizontal yarn of the weft to be at right angles with the help of the longitudinal yarn of the warp. In this, wood and rope are mainly used to weave handloom silks, where the dyed yarn is outsourced and expert weavers help in creating mesmerising silk products and fabrics. Shuttle looms are basically used for producing silk fabrics, and since silk yarn is used by a wide variety of industries, shuttle looms are in high demand. Do you want to learn about the best fabrics and the best weaving machines as per your requirements? Then get in touch with us today. 

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How Many Sets Of Yarns And Sheds Are There In The Weaving Machines?

There are mainly two different sets that are available in the weaving machines, which are called weft and warp. whereas four kinds of sheds are available in the weaving machines, i.e., bottom close sheds, semi-open sheds, open sheds, and centre close sheds. Furthermore, there are mainly three types of motions in weaving machines: shedding, picking, and beating. 

Types Of Shedding Mechanisms Used In Weaving Machines?

There are mainly five kinds of shedding mechanisms that are used in weaving machines, as mentioned in the below section:

    • Paddle/Treadle Shedding
    • Tappet Shedding
    • Combined Shedding