Energy Efficient Twisting Solutions from Alidhra Weavetech

Energy Efficient Twisting Solutions from Alidhra Weavetech

Energy Efficient Twisting Solutions from Alidhra Weavetech

The trends and preferences of people regarding clothes and fashion are continuously evolving due to updated technology. Technology has played a vital role in simplifying the process of making clothes and fabrics. A few decades back, making clothes and fabrics was a long and time-consuming process done by hand only. Now, various textile machinery solutions have come into the market which are getting used by textile industries to cater to the needs and preferences of the people. Weavetech is one of the most known and famous Weaving and Twisting machinery solutions in the world, known for its innovation, excellence, creativity, and integrity. Weavetech is the master offering the best winding, twisting, and weaving solutions all over the nation. Through this blog, we will identify what kind of twisting solutions are being provided by Alidhra Weavetech.

Filament Yarn TFO Twister Machine: 

Filament Yarn TFO Twister Machine is one of the best-selling machinery products of Weavetech because of its core competencies and best solution offerings. One of the major reasons behind the success of this product lies in its capability to understand the specific needs and expectations of the customers. There are several textile machinery solutions in India but Weavetech is known for its highly customized solutions. Furthermore, three machinery products come under this category i.e., 

    • H-Series
    • L-Series
    • R-Series

All the three products are successful and achieving good responses from the market. H-Series filament yarn twisters is mainly used for lightweight garment fabrics and liners and its application is highly suitable for conveying high twists to fine denier filament yarns for use in weaving. The denier range of this twisting machine is 20-150 denier Filament Yarns and the twist range is 600-3000 TPM (Ideal). The L-series filament yarn twisters machine is used for weaving woven fabrics and for other medium to high GSM fabrics. Whereas, the R-Series filament yarn twisters is used for technical fabrics, sewing threads, and twines. Get in touch with Weavetech today to know more about twisting solutions.

Spun Yarn TFO Twister Machine: 

Staple Fiber / Spun Yarn TFO Twister Machine machine is known as one of the best and largest ranges of two-for-one twister machines that offer the best possible value for your investment. Two major categories lie under this product i.e., 

If you are looking for an economy range machine with good quality function and basic features, then go with this product of Weavetech. The application of this product is very simple and highly suitable for twisting and weaving medium to the fine count of Spun yarns. One of the major benefits of this product is its optimized high speed and efficient energy savings. There are several textile manufacturing industries and mills in India who are looking for high-speed and high-productivity twisting machines with long operational life. Alpha is made for them as its application is suitable for all counts of Spun Yarns that are used in weaving including blends with Lycra / Spandex.

Technical Industrial Yarn Twister: 

Three major product categories lie under technical industrial yarn twister machine. i.e., 

    • CT-Series
    • UT-Series
    • R-Series

CT-Series twisting machine is made for those clients who need large production of specific deniers. Furthermore, this is highly suitable for large packages twisting up to 8 Kgs knotless fabrics. Moreover, UT-Series industrial yarn twisters is the best seller product of Weavetech because of its high-speed processing and wide range of yarns offered. This machine is suitable for large packages twisting up to 12 kgs of knotless yarns. To know more about our products and offerings, visit our website as every single piece of information is mentioned there. R-Series industrial yarn twisters is suitable for converting low twist to fine medium denier high tenacity filament yarns in the weaving process. Being one of the best weaving and twisting solutions in the world for the last 30 years we are now known as the number one manufacturer of twisting and weaving machinery in India.

Thread doubler/ Ply-cable TFO Twister: 

This machine also comes under the bestselling products of Weavetech because of its capability and higher productivity. 

TP-Series this product is useful for Filament Sewing Threads, Embroidery Threads, Technical Threads, twins, Ropes, and many more. Its application is also very easy and economic production is almost 2/3 ply yarns with S/Z twist in Ply & Cable which is great. 

Looking for an affordable twisting machinery solution without compromising the quality? If yes, then go with the TP-Series textile machine offered by Weavetech. You can also go with the RP-Series as it is suitable for high-tenacity threads that are going to be used in the production of Twines, Ropes, Nets, Belts, and other technical fabrics. The speed of this product is also great which is about UT9000 RPM & 100 meters per min based on the yarns. 

Furthermore, UT-Series is also in demand because of its high processing speed and quick changeover flexibility. Its application is also suitable for large packages twisting up to 12 kg.

If you are finding Thread (S&Z) Doubler / Ply-Cable TFO Twisters, then don’t look further and connect with Alidhra Weavetech today. Therefore, it is no surprise that Weavetech commands one of the largest market shares in the country among its products.