The Best Jacquard Machine In India

The Best Jacquard Machine In India

The Best Jacquard Machine In India

As we all know that Jacquard Fabrics are used for making numerous products because of their elegant look and great strength. Some of the uses of Jacquard include upholstery fabric for curtains and drapery, decor textiles, elegant duvet covers, luxurious and high-end clothing, and a lot more. 

Did you know that the Jacquard Weaving Machine was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804 on the basis of earlier inventions by Basile Bouchon, Jean Baptiste Falcon, and Jacques Vaucanson. 

Jacquard Weaving Machine is a special loom that is characterized by complex weaving designs. It is used to produce weaves like brocade, damask, tapestry, and brocatelle. 

There are various state-of-the-art Jacquard Weaving Machines available in the market and one of them is CG6500 High Speed Rapier Jacquard Loom (ITEMA – SULZER Technology) by Alidhra Weavetech. This modern technology machine offers a wide width of up to 360 cms along with 10,000 hooks electronic jacquard. It provides ease of operation while ensuring error-free weaving. 

This Jacquard Weaving Machine by Alidhra Weavetech is most suitable for manufacturing sarees, intricate design fabrics for fancy garments, and home furnishing fabrics that require good strength and durability. It has a feature of Direct Drive with Programmable Speed/RPM and can work with up to 12 colours of weft yarn. Moreover, from 5 to 1200 dtex and from 1 to 200 Nm of filament or cotton yarn can be weaved in this machine. 

CG6500 High Speed Rapier Jacquard Loom has the capacity to produce a fabric with up to 300 picks per centimeter and can offer a speed of up to 700 RPM & 1520 mts/min. What more can you ask for out of a Jacquard Weaving Machine? It also offers some special features for Rayon, Bemberg, Jari, Multi-Ply Yarns. And not just that, it has a guideless rapier which has numerous benefits for weaving jacquard. It helps the machine with producing fabrics free of any marks or stains. There is comparably less wear-n-tear of tapes and also incurs less maintenance cost. Another great benefit of the guideless rapier is it does not disturb the warp sheets while weaving, causing much less breakage at a higher speed.

This Jacquard Weaving Machine is filled with some amazing features made possible by cutting-edge technology and innovation. It has passed through a process of European metallurgy that ensures improved quality and cost-effectiveness by ensuring a life of over 25 years. Its sturdy and heavy frame ensures that there is no vibration even at a high speed. Also, not to forget, this machine is manufactured to European standards ITEMA-SULTEX (SULZER).  

We hope you will now have a clear understanding of the specifications of CG6500 High Speed Rapier Jacquard Weaving Loom and the efficiency it offers.