Types of Weaving Solutions from Alidhra Weavetech

Types of Weaving Solutions from Alidhra Weavetech

Types of Weaving Solutions from Alidhra Weavetech

Alidhra Weavetech is one of the best weaving machine manufacturers in India, dealing in the global market for the last 25 years. Weavetech is providing the most energy-efficient twisting and weaving solutions in India. Also, the innovation and excellence policy of Weavetech is encouraging a free flow of knowledge and a better exchange of ideas in the engineering industry. Let’s find out how many types of weaving solutions are being provided by Weavetech and how efficient they are as compared to others.

Warp Tying / Knotting Machine

This weaving machine is mainly used for warp installation on the loom and comes under the best-selling product of Weavetech. This machine is also known as the Warpmatic machine which is efficiently designed for universal use in warp change to install new beams which are produced on warping machines. It holds numerous benefits such as improved labor efficiency, ease of setup, improved productivity, ease of operation, and many more. This helps in reliably tying a wide range of standard yarns and also allows the tying of single knots, double knots, or both. 

If you also are looking for the Knotting Machine in India, then get in touch with Alidhra Weavetech as we have several types of machinery to solve winding, weaving, and twisting work. One of the best features of this machine is that the machine stops in case of three continuous ineffective knots. The application of this machine is highly reliable and it eliminates the need for workers as well along with providing error-free warp change. This machine also has the capability of reduction in double threads and redirected warp threads that enable high efficiency and productivity of the weaving machines.

Rapier Jacquard Loom: 

Rapier Jacquard Loom / Jacquard Machine (650 RPM) is the most advanced kind of weaving machine which enables wide widths of up to 360 cm and 10,000 hooks. This weaving machine is effectively integrated into a single control panel that offers ease of operation along with offering no-error weaving. This is mainly getting used for manufacturing sarees and home furnishing fabrics as well as some fancy garments. In addition to that, this product is manufactured under an ITEMA-SULTEX license that offers the best metallurgy and longest life span to the weaving machine. The major benefit of this machine is that it left no fabric marks or any kind of strain. The maintenance cost of this machine is zero as it wears fewer tapes. The textile manufacturing industries of India can buy this as it avoids disturbance of warp sheets and less breakage that usually occurs in other machines when operating at a higher speed. Furthermore, heavy and sturdy frames are used in this machine which ensures vibration-free operation even at higher speeds. Give a call to Weavetech today to know more about weaving and twisting machinery solutions available across the globe.

Rapier Weaving Machine (500 RPM):

This is India’s first fastest and guideless high-speed weaving loom machine which has been made using European technology. This is offering the best return on the investment and the best performance as compared to other machines. Moreover, a wide range of options is available which offers the highest versatility. This weaving machine is most suitable for weaving high GSM and heavy-density plain, dobby fabrics and twills such as shirting, suiting, liners, and furnishing. This machine is using guideless rapier technology on the rapier weaving machine that allows the weaving of extremely delicate warp yarns like viscose rayon, silk, and so on. The speed of this machine is around 500 RPM and 1050 meters per min and hence offers an ideal performance ratio along with enabling less maintenance cost. This also leaves no stains or fabric marks and zero noise disturbance.

Rapier Weaving Machine (250 RPM):

This is a kind of rapier dobby loom weaving machine which is highly suitable for light GSM fabric. GSM fabric is currently being produced using power and ordinary shuttle loom. 250 RPM rapier machine is available in a wide range at weavetech. If you are looking for a textile manufacturing machinery industry in India then don’t look further and connect with Weavetech today. This is highly suitable for lightweight fabric, and light GSM garments based on the fabrics that are covering filaments, viscose, spun, fancy yarns, and rayon. In addition to that, this Indian Rapier Loom is the largest-selling and most successful product of the company. This weaving machine is offering the heaviest and sturdiest rapier with 2 tons weight and more than 9000 rapiers are running successfully in this machine. This machine also reduces the number of operators compared to the power loom and enables energy savings as compared to the power loom.

Alidhra Weavetech is one of India’s Premier Weaving Machine manufacturers. We provide various kinds of weaving, twisting, and winding machinery such as high-speed rapier loom, rapier plain shedding model, electronic jacquard, electronic high-speed jacquard, and so on. Get in touch with us immediately to know more about textile manufacturing machines.